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Opel Corsa 1.3 ecoflex diesel

manual gearshift

Autorijschool DIVA


For a education for drivinglicense B
For Manuel or Automatic Gearshift

you are at the right place.
Autorijschool DIVA is stationed in the Almere Haven, but we also give lessons in other city´s, such as, Amsterdam, Lelystad, Bussum, Emmeloord en Harderwijk.
We also teach according to the RIS/methode, for failfear and for the elderly, called  BROEM.
By giving you the right education, we have excellent results.
If you want to apply for one of our packages, speedcourse or otherwise, please use the contact form.
For special actions, look at our newspage, or our facebook page.


For a solid education, you are at the right adres with Autorijschool DIVA.


Renault Kadjar 1.5 diesel

Automatic gearshift

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