Autorijschool DIVA gives driving lessons in handshift and automatic cars.         Luxurious cars with lots of features to enjoy your lessons with a professional female driving instructor with a lot of patience.


Are you looking for a professional drivingschool around Almere, with our drivingschool Autorijschool DIVA you are at the right track. We can scholar you to your driving license in a pleasant and constructive way.​


The driving lessons you will get at autorijschool DIVA can also be given in the exam region where you live. If the distance to your hometown gets to far, the lessons will be given in parts of minimum of 2 hours. Your instructor will pick you up and drop you of in an descinated place and time.


th this modern way of teaching, you will be better prepared for you taking part in traffic!

The locationwhere you will have your exams, depends on the place where you are living. We will talk this over with you before making a lesson planning.

If you want to know if we also give lessons in your region, than please contact us with the contact form.​


Regular Methode

Offcourse you can also take one lesson at the time at autorijschool DIVA. For example if you allready had lessons with another drivingschool, or incase you cannot have your exam yet, you have finished your packet with lessons, or just take some extra lessonsfor your exam.

We work with lessons by card, so you are allways aware of your iimprovement in your education.




With 2toDrive you can allready start from 16,5 years with driving lessons and from 17 years you can get experience while driving under supervision of a coach.


Driving Lessons

It is hard to say how many lessons you need for your exam. This depends strongly on the person and your feeling with driving a car. You may be a natural or an averidge student or you are having difficulty with driving.

Your also fre to take an try-out lesson. During this lesson the instructor will look at how many lessons you will probably need. The instructor will look at your handling and feeling with driving. You will also get to know your instructor and the car you will be driving. It is also possible to offer you a complete packet to fit your needs.

This try-out lesson is FREE if you take a packet, otherwise it will cost €50,–.


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